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2016 North Whip CSC


The Whip CSC is the perfect all round surfboard in the Compact Surf Concept range. It is really easy to ride and very forgiving and the rail design combines with the modern outline to cut through chop effortlessly. On the wave it is great for carving smooth arching turns but it will also allow you to ride it aggressively with a more top to bottom style. The compact shape allows you to really throw the board around on the wave while maintaining total control. For 2016 the Whip CSC features a new double concave bottom profile in the nose area, this helps to stop the board from digging in when dropping down steep wave faces. The double concave deck shape gives a perfect connection from the rider to the board and also adds even more control over the board. Sky Solbach has also refined the way the boards are scaled in size, so the smaller boards are now even better suited to smaller riders. If you want a surfboard that can handle it all, from small euro chop to overhead barrels the Whip CSC is the obvious choice. 

5’2’’ x 17 1/2’’ x 2’’ 20.8L 50–70 TS-S
5’4’’ x 18’’ x 2 3/16’’ 24L 60-80 TS-M
5’6’’ x 18 1/2’’ x 2 3/8’’ 27.5L 70-90 TS-M