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2016 North Woohoo


The ladies out there are ripping, and they need a board to suit their shape and size, but ultimately their style! The Woohoo has been impressing women the world over with it’s easy, forgiving ride, but also with it’s fantastic ability to handle a wide variety of conditions. The board is adapted from the new WAM shape and is a great all rounder packed with performance. The wide squash tail helps to keep the board going on the smaller days, but the innovative rail shape keeps things snappy when you want to get radical! The Woohoo has a dynamic shape that will allow you to get the best from your sessions and it will reward you every step of the way. It can handle anything you throw at it, from small euro waves to world class thundering point breaks! Don’t just ride a smaller board for the boys, there is so much more to surfboard design than that. Get the board specifically designed for women and dominate the waves, get the Woohoo! 

5’5’’ x 17 1/2’’ x 1 7/8’’ 19L 45–70 TS-S