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2018 NP Mission Wetsuit Front Zip 4/3


The NP Mission is your go-to wetsuit for achieving warmth without sacrificing comfort or mobility. Designed with exclusive Yamamoto technology for use in all conditions so you can push your limits in and above the water. Featuring the latest technology including full Yamamoto Limestone Neoprene, Bioceramic Lining, Infrared Zips, P-Skin+Taping, and the new Dri-Flex Waffle Jersey. 


  • Aquavents - water venting system in the ankles that releases water caught in the suit 
  • Armortex Kneepads- Highly durable, abrasive resistant 4-way stretch material 
  • Inner Melco Tape- dedicated to seal neoprene seams - a super stretchable and waterproof sealing solution
  • P-Skin Plus Tape- Thinner and stretchier non-stick polyurethane for maximum waterproofness
  • Key Pocket - pocket with elastic loop to secure your key
  • Ankle cinches- cinches around ankle to prevent water from entering
  • Infrared front zipper - increased flexibility and durability 


NP Mission Wetsuit Yamamoto