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2019 F-ONE Escape Hybrid Carbon 510 V2


This Kitefoil wing is amazing at covering some distance quickly and glides incredibly well. The ESCAPE 510 offers superior speed and perfect control.

2019 F-ONE Escape Hybrid Carbon 510 V2


510 cm² – The area fits in the smaller end of our range. Less area equals less drag. It offers a fantastic feeling of having barely anything left in the water.

The ESCAPE 510 is not only a straight-line machine but also has a nice

potential for carving


  • Area: 510 cm²
  • Aspect Ratio: 6.8
  • Weight: 0.63kg


  • Intermediate-Advanced Performance Profile
  • Titan fuselage 60 Kite
  • Alu Masts 45 > 85 cm

Rides fast and effortlessly with impeccable control

Incredible glide

Amazing at covering distance quickly

Distinctive wing arch to provide very sharp and accurate control

Fits all 2018 F-ONE foils, but also previous models

Fully machined via CNC for a strong and perfect assembly