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2019 Flysurfer Force Control Bar


Rarely does Flysurfer need to improve any of their products, the German engineering can be hard to beat. The ALL NEW Force bar from Flysurfer is not just an improvement, but a complete redesign that will make this bar a must have for your kiteboarding kites. Easy to use, simple and safe. What more do you want?

Experience short lines with the exclusive 17+3m line set.

2019 flysurfer Force Control Bar

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The FORCE Control Bar: safe, durable and functional. The ergonomically shaped bar is full of technical features but still sits perfectly in the hand and is very comfortable. Designed to offer the highest safety standards it uses a QR 4.0 and short Single Frontline Safety. Trust in German Engineering.

The FORCE Control Bar generates complete confidence from the minute you get hold of it. Sturdy but comfortable and offering plenty of grip.

The FORCE Control Bar glides along the PU-coated depower lines smoothly transmitting the power of the kite. The FORCE winders are heavily padded to protect you and your equipment. The click of a button releases the bar width adjusters and steering line length adjusters. Twist to change the bar width, or move the knots up and down to adjust the steering line length.

The single piece molding of the bar ends and floaters prevents lines from getting caught and minimizes the risk of injury. When it comes to safety, we make no compromises.

FLYSURFER relies on our tested and proven QR 4.0. In order to satisfy the demands of a wide range of users, we offer the bar in three different sizes. Functional, customizable, sturdy and safe, experience a new riding experience with the FORCE Control Bar!

Force Bar Stick
  • The FORCE bar stick is lightweight, and colored orange on the left and petrol on the right. Due to the abrasion resistant ergonomic EVA grip, the bar is extremely comfortable to hold and remains grippy when wet or cold. The molded FORCE winders have integrated floaters.
Quick Release 4.0
  • TThis proven and reliable push away Quick Release meets the French standard (AFNOR) in terms of safety and the force required for deployment. The ergonomic release handle allows for quick and easy safety activation in an emergency. Made for use on water, land and snow.
  • FORCE ADJUSTER Simple and precise adjustment of the front lines via a handle and clam cleat. The elasticated spectra adjuster line glides through a special guidance block and then shortens itself after actuation. This allows for precise adjustment through a small movement of the handle and stops the handle from getting caught.
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