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2019 ION Ripper Kite 2


Are you a Grom in the dilemma of trying to choose between a waist harness or seat style harness? Now you can have both! With the 2019 ION Ripper Kite 2 Harness, you have the option of riding either way!

This is a great option for a kid's kiteboard harness or new riders who may have learned on a seat style harness but want to progress to a waist harness as they develop more skill. Plus, when you are ready to transition, the seat extension is completely removable. 

ION Product Description

The RIPPER KITE 2 is ideal for up-and-coming riders looking for a supportive harness with all the top features. Its versatile nature ensures that kids get all the confidence-boosting features they deserve, at a highly affordable price. The optional seat extension provides you with comfort and prevents the harness from riding up. With a flex index of 2, the RIPPER is a very soft harness with a low outline, absolutely perfect for young shredders.

*Flex Index (1-20): The flex index describes the rigidity of the harness. 
Higher flex index = hard and rigid = direct feeling
Lower flex index = soft and flexible = comfortable