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2020 Duotone Spike


The 2020 Duotone Spike is your ultimate light wind riding board. This board has changed the way we ride with its excellent performance. 

2020 Duotone Spike

The Spike is a board that changed light wind riding forever. Rather than follow the huge door approach by some brands Duotone tore up the rulebook and created a board that not only rode in light winds, it excelled! By focusing on critical areas that combined early planing and light wind ability with performance, the Spike is a board that will ignite your soul on the water in the lightest of airs. Featuring a very flat rocker line the board generates huge amounts of speed and by coupling that with a larger surface area, it gets planing in the slightest of breezes.

The medium to hard flex ensures incredible pop, and you can use this board not just for jumping but also light wind freestyle too. No wind days used to be boring, the Spike brings the excitement and throws down the gauntlet.

Performance Features
  • Great light wind performance
  • Straight outline and huge surface area
  • Great upwind and very early planing
  • Light and forgiving
  • Good pop and Improved turning
Technical Details
  • Mono Concave Bottom with light base
  • Torsion Flex Cap
  • Space Flex Tips
  • Medium to Medium Flex
2020 Duotone Spike