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2020 Duotone Trust Bar


One of the all-time best selling kite bars on the market!

For 2020 the Duotone Trust Bar continues with superior functionality that makes it one of the best 4 line bars on the market. The quick-release kits come in four different options:

  • Quick Release Wakestyle Kit (X-Large)
  • Freestyle (Large)
  • Freeride (small/compact)
  • Rope Slider (metal reinforced center)

These innovative options allow you to choose the chicken loop that best suits your riding style.

The Iron Heart IV safety system is the cleanest, simplest safety release out there.  often copied, but never duplicated,  it is equipped with the Suicide Ring III. This new ring allows you to set up a suicide system while keeping the ring and the leash up and out of the way of the chicken loop. This increases your ability to quickly hook in and out after freestyle tricks. 

Also available is a Duotone 5th Element upgrade kit which enables you to convert the Trust Bar into a 5 line set-up. Allowing you to fly all years of the North product line up in all its 5 line safety.