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2023 Crazyfly Cruiser LW


Get ready to conquer the lightest winds with the Crazyfly 2023 Cruiser LW - your ultimate lightwind machine. This board is designed to perform effortlessly in ultra-light conditions, making sure you never miss out on kiteboarding fun when the winds are gentle.

The Cruiser LW features step cap deck technology, which enhances stiffness while maintaining its designed rocker. This means you'll experience optimal performance even in the lightest breeze. The redefined outline with rounded tips maximizes surface area, extracting every bit of lightwind performance from this exceptional board. Its medium flex strikes the perfect balance for intermediate and advanced riders, ensuring a comfortable ride even in choppy waters.

The inverted outline offers you the best of both worlds. It saves weight in the center of the board while increasing the surface area on the tips, where the board is most in contact with water during edging. This combination optimizes weight and provides a large tip surface area, resulting in the ultimate lightwind performance.

Asymmetric fin positions play a crucial role in the Cruiser LW's upwind ability. With fins positioned on the heel edge of the tips and in the center of the tips, they remain in the water at all times, granting you excellent upwind performance and control.

Crafted with high-quality materials, the Cruiser LW features a multiaxial fiber glass construction, offering support and strength in every direction. The wood core is precision-cut using a CNC machine, ensuring durability and performance in all CrazyFly kiteboards.

The Step Cap technology sharpens the edges, boosting upwind and tracking capabilities, while the invisible inserts create a sleek, united surface on the board's bottom. The Cruiser LW also boasts injection-molded carbon fins, known for their exceptional strength and lightness.

Available in two sizes - 154 x 44 and 160 x 44 - and weighing 3.50 kg and 3.70 kg, respectively, the Cruiser LW is your ticket to endless lightwind kiteboarding adventures.

Don't miss out on the earliest planning in the range, excellent upwind performance, and the thrill of riding even when the winds are gentle. Choose the Crazyfly 2023 Cruiser LW and become the master of lightwind conditions!