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2023 Duotone Evo SLS


Experience Total Control with the Evo SLS

Looking for the perfect kite to take your riding to the next level? Look no further than the all-new Evo SLS! This kite is designed to deliver top-tier performance in any discipline you choose, with features that set it apart from the competition.

Lightweight and Durable Construction

The Evo SLS is built to be as light and strong as possible, using state-of-the-art SLS construction and materials. The Penta TX and Trinity TX fabrics are incredibly lightweight and durable, allowing the kite to perform at the highest level while still holding up to the rigors of regular use. Compared to other models, the Evo SLS can weigh up to 15% less, thanks to its unique construction. This lightweight design also means that the kite is stiffer, resulting in better flying characteristics in every area. The result is a kite that pops higher, flies better, and has huge hangtime.

Dynamic Handling and Control

The new Flex Struts of the Evo SLS allows the kite to twist, resulting in significantly faster and tighter turns, making it incredibly dynamic and responsive. You'll experience total control at every stage of every trick, with the kite becoming an extension of your body. Additionally, the pulley-less bridle requires less maintenance and provides better handling, especially when throwing kite loops. This means you can focus on your riding, knowing that the kite is responding exactly as you want it to.

Versatile Performance for Any Riding Style

The Evo SLS is the weapon of choice for riders looking for a high-performance versatile kite. Whether you're into big air, freeride, hooked freestyle, or wave riding, the Evo SLS performs exceptionally well. Its design is optimized for every riding style, giving you the confidence to take your riding to the next level. With better takeoffs, more pop, and huge hangtime, the Evo SLS is the perfect kite for your every need.