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2023 Duotone Team Series


Freestyle is part of the Duotone DNA, the Team Series twin tip kiteboard was built to be the best tool for our riders to progress and win competitions.

The board is used to devastating effect on the World Tour by riders like Mikaili Sol, Stefan Spiessberger, and Gianmaria Coccoluto.

  • New materials, including a Carbon Web
  • Suspension Flex Cap

All the ingredients come together in an incredible package to create one of the best freestyle boards on the market.

When you stomp that edge ready for take-off, you will discover boundless grip and an aggressive pop sending you into the stratosphere.

The reduced weight of the board allows you to rotate with less swing weight offering more control in the middle of the trick.

Finally, as you come into land, the single diffusor and rocker line combine to smooth out even the hardest of landings. If you do land hard, the lack of reverse flex will ensure you have total control at all times.

The new Team Series also comes with a Grind Base, so it’s just as ready for the park as it is for the competition heat.

Improve every trick you already know and get ready to stomp those you want to learn. The Team Series is waiting to take you to the next level!



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