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2023 Duotone Team Series SLS


If you're in search of the ultimate freestyle and wakestyle board that delivers exceptional performance, look no further! Introducing the all-new Team Series SLS, a high-caliber freestyle board designed to dominate the World Cup. Building upon the foundation of traditional freestyle boards, the TS SLS takes innovation to the next level by incorporating cutting-edge materials such as Biax Carbon and Textreme Innegra. Embodying the mantra of "Stronger, Lighter, Superior," this board boasts a reduced weight, making tricks and maneuvers easier to execute. Additionally, the inclusion of the Grind Base and the progressive bottom shape ensures enhanced durability, resulting in an impressively robust board.

To further enhance your riding experience, the Suspension Flex Cap minimizes reverse flex upon landing, guaranteeing greater stability. Moreover, the Single Diffusor Bottom aids in softening landings, enabling you to effortlessly stick your tricks even during intense maneuvers. With its deep tip channels providing ample grip and powerful fins, the TS SLS leaves no room for compromise. Whether you aspire to excel in park riding or secure a spot on the freestyle podium, this board stands as the unrivaled choice. Don't miss out on making the right decision—embrace the TS SLS and elevate your performance to new heights this season!