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2023 Ion Seek Amp 4/3 Front Zip


Experience unparalleled mobility and warmth with the revolutionary Seek Amp 4/3 Front Zip wetsuit. This cutting-edge suit is designed for individuals who crave ultimate stretch without compromising on insulation.

The Seek Amp 4/3 Front Zip incorporates ION's latest innovation, the Max_Flex outer lining, which extends throughout the shoulder area and arms. This strategic placement ensures unrestricted movement, whether you're riding the waves, maneuvering your kite, or sailing. ION understands that freedom of motion in these critical areas is paramount.

To achieve optimal heat retention, ION has integrated the incredibly flexible Hot_Stuff 2.0 thermo lining throughout the entire torso and legs. This advanced technology keeps your body warm without sacrificing flexibility. Additionally, the toasty and quick-drying Plasma_Plush 2.0 on the back acts as a shield against wind chill, providing extra protection in harsh conditions.

The top layer of the Seek Amp 4/3 Front Zip is constructed from lightweight and stretchy limestone neoprene. This material not only insulates effectively but also enhances flexibility due to its exceptionally foamy structure. It allows you to move with ease and comfort, maximizing your performance in the water.