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2023 Ion Vega Seat Harness


Ion VEGA: The Ultimate Women's Kiteboarding Harness

Experience unparalleled comfort and support with the specially designed VEGA harness, tailored exclusively for women. Its highly functional 3D shape ensures a perfect fit, feeling like a second skin. Taking inspiration from climbing harnesses, we have meticulously crafted ergonomically shaped leg straps that guarantee exceptional freedom of movement. Equipped with ION's C_Bar and a stainless steel kite hook, the VEGA is built to deliver an exceptional kiteboarding experience.

Key Features that Set the VEGA Apart:

  1. C_30_Buckle: Enjoy effortless handling with the carbon adjustment of the spreader bar webbings, providing a lightweight and pleasant experience.

  2. Kite_Knife: Safety is paramount. That's why the VEGA comes with a built-in kite knife, ensuring you're prepared to cut kite lines in dangerous situations.

  3. Neoprene_Belt: We have introduced an enhanced technical feature, the Neoprene Belt, specifically designed to amplify flexibility, twist, and overall comfort during wave riding and freestyle maneuvers.


  • Price Level: 3 out of 5, offering a great balance of quality and affordability.

Materials Composition:

  • 5% Neoprene, 55% Polyester, 40% Nylon.

Experience the VEGA and take your kiteboarding adventures to new heights. Elevate your comfort, performance, and safety with this exceptional harness designed exclusively for women.