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2024 Duotone Rebel SLS


Introducing the 2024 Rebel SLS – Redesigned for a New Era of Kiteboarding Excellence!

Prepare to embark on a kiteboarding journey like never before with the all-new Rebel SLS. It's not just a kite; it's a true icon that pushes boundaries and redefines the riding experience for the next generation of riders.

**What's New?**
For 2024, our design team has poured their expertise into enhancing the Rebel SLS, making it even more exceptional:

- **Improved Wing Tips**: We've fine-tuned the wing tips to elevate the handling and turning speed. Picture yourself effortlessly navigating through the wind with precision and control.

- **Optimized Canopy Tension**: We've optimized the canopy tension to enhance gust handling. No matter the wind strength, the Rebel SLS maintains its flawless shape, ensuring consistent and smooth power delivery.

- **Penta TX and Trinity TX**: These cutting-edge materials create an incredibly rigid kite, even in challenging gusty conditions. Say goodbye to worries about your kite folding; the Rebel SLS stands strong.

- **Flex Struts**: Experience intuitive handling and dynamic steering with Flex Struts that allow the tips to twist. Feel the immediate response as you ride the wind like a pro.

**Power and Control**:
The Rebel SLS offers impressive power without compromising control. Enjoy instantaneous depower, giving you the confidence to tackle strong conditions and reach extraordinary heights during big air jumps. Imagine the thrill of explosive take-offs and vertical boosts, along with extended hangtime that makes you feel weightless in the air. Each jump feels like an eternity, and every ride is a new adventure.

**Light Wind Capability**:
Even in light winds, the Rebel SLS remains highly capable. Its reduced weight ensures ample low-end power through quick upstrokes. This not only enhances your performance but also improves drift, making landings a breeze as you swing under the kite.

The Rebel SLS is the ultimate choice for freeride enthusiasts and thrill-seekers who crave massive jumps with extended hangtimes. Take your local spot by storm and go bigger than ever with the new Rebel SLS. Light up the skies and embark on your kiteboarding journey with power, precision, and pure excitement. The future of kiteboarding is here – seize it with the 2024 Rebel SLS!