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Duotone Drift Stopper (Wing Foil)


Specifically made for learning, wing surfing and wing foiling. Great combination for brands like 

  • Duotone Foil Wing
  • F-One Swing Wing
  • Flysurfer Mojo
  • Slingshot Sling Wing
  • Cabrinha Crosswing
  • Gong Wing
  • Naish Wing Surfer

THE ESSENTIAL ADD-ON FOR YOUR SUP TO AVOID DRIFTING OFF WIND. 99% of all SUP’s and the majority of all modern Windsurfing boards do not feature a daggerboard or center fin. If you put the iRIG or any other Windsurfing sail onto these boards it is nearly impossible to come back where you started! Due to a missing “stabilizer” under your feet the wind and pressure in your sail basically push the board sideways off the wind. To solve this issue we are proud to introduce the DRIFT STOPPER.

The DRIFTSTOPPER can be attached to any stand up paddleboard even inflatables within seconds via a webbing strap. Yet since the fins can be snapped off it is small enough to fit into your iRIG bag. Patent pending!