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Beastmount Boat Wake Handle Line Mount


The Beastmount Boat Wake handle line mount is the newest and best mount for wakeboarding out there. This is a universal mount design that will mount any GoPro camera or action sports camera with a GoPro-style mount. The triangle-shaped mount sits between the handle lines for the perfect view of your riding and ensuring stable and clear photos and video. This mount will work on any wakeboard handle: behind a boat or cable 2.0 system, no problem and has a super-strong grip.

To install, place the handle lines into the mount and tighten down by hand.

The difference between the Boat Wake and Cable Wake mount is simple. The Boat Wake mount clamps to the handle lines for incredible grip but takes time to install. The Cable Wake mount threads through the handle lines for quick installation.


  • Beastmount Boat Wake handle line mount
  • GoPro screw

Beastmount boat line mount