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Ion C-Bar Kitehook/Rope Slider 3.0

The best of both worlds. The ION C-Bar Kitehook/Rope Slider is the most versatile spreader bar on the market. With both a hook and rope, kiteboarding fanatics can maximize their riding in either wave or flat water conditions.

Product Description:

Comfort, lightweight, and sleek design – the C_Bar 3.0 unites all these advanced features into a single piece. Its third generation is lighter than before thanks to the exchangeable kite aluminum hook – all in all, three different hooks can be used in this modular system. In terms of durability, the rope has been replaced with Dynema Webbing that is usually found in climbing gear. Molded EVA on the inside provides a comfortable fit and contributes to the slim design. On top, the quick-release buckle system allows a quick and perfect adjustment of the webbings.

ion c bar spreader 2.0 hook sliderThe hook can be exchanged optionally at any time – there are 4 options available:
  • kite hook
  • windsurf hook
  • metal slider
  • rope slider.
SYMMETRIC FORCE SPREAD The forces that act on the body while kiting or windsurfing are absorbed and spread symmetrically – the bar has the same stability at both ends – therefore providing a very comfortable riding experience where pressure points are spread evenly around the waist.

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