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Carved Imperator 6 Edition





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 Ride a contemporary masterpiece. Because, sooner or later, you will appreciate the workmanship, technology, performance and soul that goes into every handmade Imperator 6. Carved Customs’ latest standard bearer features a re-engineered hull, wider elliptical flex tips, serious UV protection, and the same legendary Imperator heart and soul. The Imperator 6 now incorporates a 3/4 length hard keel sandwiched between a new double concave hull. The double concave transitions into wider, mono concave tips. The Imperator 6 engineers refined the highly effective and distinctive ellipse and added a hand shaped tucked under rail. The more active tips and more efficient rails improve handling and speed. The unique Cartan carbon unibody construction is a masterstroke in production technology. A hand selected, Paulownia wood core is wrapped in proprietary, tight weave, low resin, 30° biaxial carbon fiber cloth that optimizes board torsion and dynamic longitudinal flex. As the founder of Carved Boards likes to say, “Compromise is a virus that needs to be eradicated.”

 Imperator 6 sizes (fin size in brackets):

133x40cm (1,65“) | 135x41cm (1,7“) | 137x42cm (1,8“) | 139x42.5cm (1,9“) | 141x43cm (1,95“)


  • HANDMADE IN GERMANY: Only the finest material and build quality
  • CARTAN® CARBON: Proprietary flex control
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: Strength and power without added weight
  • UNIBODY: Strong yet flexible build process.
  • CENTER KEEL: Cuts through undesirable chop
  • DOUBLE CONCAVE: Channels water for more speed and drive
  • TUCKED 3D RAILS: The "round rail with a corner" improves drag
  • UV GUARD: Doubled UV protection
  • 3D WOOD CORE: Hand selected, marine grade, Paulownia wood core
  • ELLIPTIC FLEX TIP: Optimized tip flex for more control
  • RAZOR G10 FINS: Individual custom shapes for each board


  • Optional features:
  • ULTRA PADS & STRAPS: The ultimate in adjustability and comfort
  • PROTECTION BAG: Custom-fit protection for your investment
  • RAZOR G10 WAKE FINS: 2 sizes. More inspiration.



Boot like fit and click­-to-­fit buckle system.  Meet the ultimate in comfort and adjustability. The new Carved Customs Ultra pads and straps feature new fingertip control with a snowboard inspired tongue and click­ buckle system we call PowerTrim. Not only is the closure system micro adjustable but it also can be used “on the fly”.

The Ultras are engineered for a custom orthotic fit. The pad baseplate is designed with 2 stance positions on the x­-axis (board length); 11 stance angle options; and 6 options in
the y­-axis (board width). There is no other pad/base system that is more adjustable. The
straps are equally customizable. The four strap tongues (aka Strap Lock Wings) are also
adjustable in both x and y­-axis without tools.

Want to move your straps closer to your toes? No problem, the easy to adjust Strap Lock Wings are easily adjusted by hand. The neoprene and memory foam padding conforms to any foot size or shape for sneaker like comfort.


Delivery includes:

Imperator 6, Razor G10 Fins, V4A washers/screws and grab handle


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