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Carved Imperator V Special Edition


Imperator 5 Special Edition (SE)

What They Say:

Carved has truly made the ultimate jumping machine with maximum comfort - thanks CARTAN®, the most advanced carbon in the world.

See How CARTAN Carbon Works


The legend. The new version of the true jump champion. With massive rebound for explosive pop and endless lift with maximum comfort. Enabled by CARTAN®, the most advanced carbon in the world. CARTAN® is exclusively made for CARVED. The high tech stitched multiaxial carbon fabric differs from ordinary carbon fabric in that woven threads keep the fibres at an exact 30 degree angle.

With CARTAN® CARVED is able to add to its legendary ability to perfectly combine two technically disparate elements – flex and stiffness: a little harder by the fins to provide explosive pop, softer at the centre of the tip in order to ensure a smooth ride in choppy water. The highstrength of pure CARTAN® carbon fabric allowed to reduce the amount of material used and as a result the weight of the board. The 'Razor' fin is perfectly paired to

the hand crafted 'Full 3D'-rails of the Imperator 5, for perfect grip and agility. The 'Unibody Construction' is unique in the kiting industry: each CARVED board is handmade on Fehmarn and is delivered without an extra ounce of resin. 


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The definition of Imperator means:

"The head of state and supreme commander in the Roman Empire, in whose name all victories were won."

It seems a fitting title for the lightest board available with the best performance obtainable from something made here on planet Earth.  It has insane pop that will reward you with the highest jumps. Deceptively  smooth on any surface yet able to hold an edge like its life depends on it.  There is a little black magic involved in the rail shape, because it adapts to what you want to do whether it's flying upwind, or swing the board around without faceplanting.  

Carved Imperator Rail Design
Availability Price Board sizes available
Call For Ordering Status 1499 US 130 x 39 133 x 40.5 135 x 41.5 137 x 42.5 139 x 44

Included with 


 CARVED footstraps + pads + Handle
Red CARVED Razor G10 Fins <= 133cm 1.7 ''> = 135cm 1.9 ''
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