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Coco Janell Organic Body Block

Tired of all the toxic chemicals you are are putting on your body with sunscreens?? Please copy and paste this article if you would like to read more information about chemical sunscreens.

There are alternatives to protecting your body against the harmful UVA/UVB rays.
I have created a sunscreen for the body using only zinc oxide as the primary sunblocking agent.
It is a physical sunscreen which means it reflects the sun's rays while chemical sunscreens absorb UV light.
This means you can apply the sunscreen and immediately go out in the sun and water without waiting for a chemical sunscreen to be absorbed in on your body first.
I use this surfing and it stays on for hours !
This convenient stick formula is great for travel. No messy lotions or sprays.

No nano particles are used in my formula so your skin will have a whitish cast. It is made to be applied like a thicker paste.

Great for babies and sensitive skin! Will not burn or sting eyes


INGREDIENTS: organic coconut oil, organic sunflower oil, zinc oxide and organic beeswax

SPF 35++

Application: Swipe stick liberally to areas you wish to protect. Reapply as necessary after prolonged swimming or sweating.