Coco Janelle Organic Sun Mud

SUN MUD was developed out of necessity of not finding a product that was all natural, didn't burn or sting and something that just worked in and out of the water while I was surfing.
SUN MUD was formulated specifically for the face. The consistency is that of a thick paste so the product stays on during lengthy water activities or anything outdoors. It is free of chemical, dyes and perfumes and well.. all that other stuff you can't pronounce and do not need to be applying to your face and body anyway. SUN MUD is *HYPO-ALLERGENIC

Zinc oxide is a physical sun blocking agent that work primarily by reflecting/scattering ultraviolet light. It has a broad range of effectiveness, covering UVB as well as both short (320-340 nm, a.k.a UVA-2) and long (340-400 nm, a.k.a. UVA-1). Regular zinc oxide also blocks visible light up to wavelengths 700 nm, whereas zinc nanoparticles block only up to 380 - 400 nm, depending on the specific formulation. As a single ingredient, zinc oxide is the broadest range sunscreen on the market.

Zinc oxide has a long history of safe use. It is not irritating and compatible with sensitive skin. In fact, zinc oxide is a skin protectant and anti-irritant, and is widely used in treating various forms of dermatitis/skin irritation, including diaper rash.
Most of my organic products include zinc oxide and are very soothing to your skin especially for the most sensitive like babies!

I created a tinted formula so it blends in with my skin tone. This versatile color will match to most skin types and look very natural on your face.

Application of this product is made to be be applied fairly thick and not be rubbed in completely as this is a physical sunblocker which means you do not have to wait 20-30 min before going out in sun. You apply and then have fun in the sun!
Product will be firm to touch in jar. To use: Press finger/fingers firmly in product til softens and warms to skin then apply in even layer over face

INGREDIENTS: zinc oxide, organic coconut oil, organic shea butter, organic beeswax,raw cocoa powder, iron oxide and kaolin clay