Core Bolt

No matter what you like to ride on Core has got you covered, whether its rails, sliders, ramps, or just whatever is in your path the Core Bolt can handle it. This board edges hard and can take a beating.  It is the first kiteboard to have a repairable PTEX base similar to that used for snow boards.  This Pro Fix Grindbase makes your session a little smoother and allows you to make the dings from your ride disappear only leaving you the YouTube worthy memories.  Core has doubled up on their exclusive Cartan Carbon fiber to add extra support to handle your awesomeness when riding in boots. They even added bombproof boot inserts making it the ultimate wakestyle, slider-style, freestyle, easy fix board.


Take a Closer Look:

Pro Fix Grindbase: The first ever kiteboard with a snowboard inspired base. The waxy surface you feel on the new Bolt is high-modulus polyethylene, a material with superior sliding properties especially over rails, ramps and other water features. And just like snowboards, scratches and dings can easily be repaired with any PTEX candle as long as the gouge has not penetrated the Pro Fix Grindbase and damaged the core.

Pro Rocker: The Bolt features a true, wakestyle rocker for those off balance landings. The rocker is increased an additional 2cm over the Choice to control even the most impossible landings.


Boot Tough Inserts: Boots only for this baby. Heavy duty, stainless steel, V4A thread inserts are laminated in a massively reinforced base plate deep within the board. And laminated again in targeted areas just to be sure. The boot inserts provide three different stance options.

Progressive 6 Channel: 

Extreme grip even without fins. The progressive multi channel design with two full-length outer channels and four progressive inner channels on each end creates amazing lateral support. Go ahead and ride finless!

Flat Base: 

Perfect for rails or anything else for that matter. The board’s slight mono concave bottom won’t interfere with its rails or your riding style. But it might smooth out some of the chop.

V- Shape Tips: We added a V- Shaped Keel on both ends of the  board to smooth out chop and hard landings.


28mm + 42mm G10 Fins: Prepared for anything. The Bolt comes with two, full, G10 fin sets: the super grippy 42mm fins and the 28mm ones for a more loose wakestyle feel. Still too much fin? No problem. Go finless and enjoy the ride.