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Core GTS 4 LW


GTS4 LW –Mr. Big, when it comes to lightwind freestyle. For those who want to squeeze more out of a marginal day. With enough pop to lay down some moves while everyone else is mowing the lawn. And now with ExoTex construction, more depower, and superb manners for your next twintip or strapless freestylin’ session. In the flats. Or on knee highs. This is the new GTS4 LW. Bringing lightwind excitement to Youtube channels soon.


Early Freestylin’ Ninja


The undisputed lightwind freestyle champ.
Some days don’t deliver the freestyle conditions your buddies promised. And that’s just fine if you remembered to pack your mojo...I mean...CORE GTS4 LW lightwind edition.

The GTS4 LW will make any marginal day, a fabulicious session. With virtually the same control and agility as your smaller GTS’s, you may even pine for the occasional low wind day.

The GTS4 LW carries over much of the 3 strut design from its smaller siblings to retain its agile, freestyle character. The 4th generation features refinements to its shape, aspect ratio, bridles, and construction. Refinements that make the GTS4 more depowerable and controllable over a wider wind range; deliver better front to back balance; improve back- stall prevention; and give more of that special ‘C­-kite’ feel.

GTS4 LW. A perfect partner for those not so perfect days. Delivering enough pop for you to lay down some moves while everyone else is mowing the lawn.



CORE GTS4 - Freestyle Ninja. Megaloop Machine. And more. from CORE Kiteboarding on Vimeo.