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Core GTS 3

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CORE GTS3 - Radically precise, incredibly versatile from CORE kiteboarding on Vimeo.

With its brand new three strut construction, the GTS3 is revolutionary rather than evolutionary. The super agile Wave, Kiteloop and Unhooked machine is quick, ultra direct, perfectly balanced and always predictable with an outstanding C-kite feel for every application. The GTS3 is, more than ever, an excellent Freerider with lots of depower and even huge big-air potential. Test the most progressive kite that CORE has ever built.


Key Features at a glance: 

  1. 3-STRUT FRAME - quicker turning, better drift
  2. FUTURE-C SHAPE - superior C-kite feeling, predictable and precise
  3. RADICAL REACTION TIPS - quick and direct translation of rider input
  4. CORE TEX® - robust, durable, three times tear resistant, light
  5. SHORT BRIDLE SYSTEM - quick and direct translation of rider input
  6. HARD-FINISH DACRON - stiffer tips, better power build up
  7. CORE INTELLIGENT TRIM SYSTEM - adjust the GTS3 to suit any ride style
  8. SPEED PUMP SYSTEM - superfast inflation and deflation
  9. GRINTEX® PATCHES - optimized protection for the front tube
  10. SENSOR 2 BARSYSTEM - uniquely light and defined steering feedback with the uniquely safe and comfortable SSF Safety
  11. SPEED VALVE 2 - quick and effortless inflation without special attachment
  12. INSTANT AUTO RELAUNCH: lightning fast return to the skies 


Kite Complete comes with Sensor 2 Bar and Core Pump.


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