Core Kiteboarding GTS2 Package

If you want a kitesurf package that’s able to do it all then you've just found it. Core Kites GTS2 is a game changing kite that provides unlimited versatility for all advanced riding styles. With an Future-C Shape. This shape intelligently combines all the advantages of both a 'C' and a 'High Depower' kite. Without compromise. It is the ultimate  performance kite and perfect for any  rider who demands, newschool, freeride, wakestyle and even some wave riding out of their gear.  This is the all-in-one kite with additional strengths in newschool, freestyle & wave.

The jumping performance has been further improved. When hooked, there is a massive increase in lift and hang time. With unhooked tricks, the GTS2 provides even more pop and better pressure release for easy handlepasses. It has an even better C-kite bar feeling and further improved low-end ability. Wave kiters will be pleased with the precise steering and quick turning ability, yet those that want to park the GTS2 will appreciate its high stability.The highly predictable turning radius makes radical kiteloops easier than ever. From hooked-in kiteloops to Beany’s unhooked “Killer Kiteloops”.The GTS2 is a real kiteloop machine.

The new Freeride is the right board for those who want to freeride in luxury. Freeride doesn't just mean relaxed cruising, but also includes big jumps and the first unhooked jumps.

The Deluxe Freeride was developed in close co-operation with the perfectionists from CARVED. The Freeride encapsulates decades of experience in building surf and kite boards – from the initial shape up to the final quality control checks on the finished product.

With the Core Seat Harness from NP, comfort comes standard. The comfortable shape and highly durable material construction make the Core ideal for beginners.

Team these two ultimate kite products together for an unbelievable quiver!

*Specify Harness size at checkout