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Core Sensor 2 Bar

What They Say:
One of the most important aspects when kiting is how the kite feels whilst flying. What most people don’t know is that the bar system has just as an important role to play, in the way the kite feels, as the kite itself. The technical development of the bar is of particular importance for CORE. When you take the brand new SENSOR 2 bar system on the water you will be suitably impressed. The SENSOR 2 bar weighs almost nothing, but is packed full of high tech and know how. It's as if it turns every kite on, making it more direct and providing better feedback, just as if your senses where fused with the kite lines. The SENSOR 2 bar shines with lots of innovative features that make it a high performance piece of equipment.

  • 230g UNIBODY BAR: light and easy steering with high definition feedback
  • TITANIUM CORE: extremely stiff and optimized power flow
  • EXCHANGEABLE BAR INSERTS: super easy depower and protection for   your lines
  • 24m OR VARIO LINES: High breaking resistance lines manufactured in Germany to the highest standards.
  • SUPPORTED SINGLE FRONTLINE SAFETY (SSF): prevents line twisting and        quicker positioning to the perfect re-launch position.
  • 100% SELF UNSWIVELLING: sort lines after every rotation
  • ROTOR QUICKRELEASE: easy and reliable release in every situation
  • SENSOR ADJUSTER: easy and finely adjustable trimming
  • SPLICE ENDS: super robust spliced line ends
  • VARIABLE BAR WIDTH: one bar for all kite sizes
  • SHORT SAFETY LEASH: safer and more comfortable
  • EVA GRIP: always the perfect grip

 What We Think: 
Super light, the Sensor bar leaves you amazed when you spend just a few minutes with it.  There is no other depower system that works as well or as easy. With a self seating and unseating cleat,  you never have to wrestle with your bar just to adjust the power.  The Rotor safety ejection system is intuitive and simple to reset. The term "benchmark" is a bit cliche, we just think every bar should be this good.

321 Go: 
Adjustable length bar and depower throw and the simple, clean design.

321 No Go: 
If you have heard the rave reviews and want to add this to your non-Core brand kite, you will need pigtail adapters due to the "Kook Proof" ends.  (loops-outside/ knots-inside)

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