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Core Sensor 2S Pro Wake Control Bar


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Those German Engineers have done it again, this time they decided to reward all of you wake style riders. 

The Core Sensor 2S Pro Wake Bar has many of the same great features as the Pro bar such as: 

  • Carbon Fiber Bar making it one of the lighest bars weighing only 200g
  • Full Tectanium Lines that are 10% lighter and thiner, 50% higher break load and 400% higher strecth resistance 
  • Tectanium Vario Lines gives the bar 4 different line length options. The base length is 18m and comes with 2 extentions a 2m and 4m allowing for the options of 18, 20, 22, 24m.  
  • Ceramic Untwist S-system allows you to untwist your front lines with ease.  With the new ceramic bearings it unravels the lines virtually on its own or by simpling pulling in on the bar. 
  • S-Neck is a stainless steel connection point between the Rotor Quick Release and the Depower lines, it allows for a more summetric pulling forces on the lines. 
  • Tectanium S-Slide/Depower Lines replaces the front lines from the  "Y" to the chicken loop.  
  •  Titanium Core allows the Sensor 2S Pro wake bar to be the strongest bar ever.  The titanium’s featherweight rigidity gives, in part, the Sensor 2S Pro’s direct feel. And it permits a reduced diameter, no cramp, grip. 


You may be wondering what the differences are between the Pro bar and the Pro Wake Bar....well here it is: 

  • The bar has the option of being either 42 or 36cm instead of the standard  46 to 52cm length
  • It comes with all the Pro Accessories-
    • Pro Chicken Loop
    • Pro Safety Stick 
    • Pro Safety Leash