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Crazy Foil Jet Track LW 26 Hydrofoil


The JET TRACK is the most versatile hydrofoil of the range, able to cover the whole evolution of the rider. From beginner to expert, kiters can appreciate several aspects of its construction, combining an aluminum fuselage and mast with the new re-engineered composite wings. The result is a good balance, smooth cruises in almost all wind and speed conditions.

Specifically designed for boards equipped with a track system.

The mast of 26’’ is the standard size for a safe height and for kiting in shallow waters.


  • Mast base (for fixing on a track system or a FOIL MOUNTING SYSTEM)
  • Mast 26”
  • One piece fuselage
  • New Crazy Foil standard set of foils (30″ – 24″ – 18″)
  • Removable rear fin
  • All hardware for assembly



Ride confidently in almost every wind condition with this new flight combo.

The foil’s shapes have been re-engineered with increased concavity and a larger surface area for an impressive lift coefficient. The improved wing design will definitely assist your take-off and ensure that your flight is smoother and more stable.

Add the removable rear fin on to the fuselage whenever you want more control riding in long straight lines or when carving.