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Dynabar V8 Forged Fixed Hook


What We Think:
Unlike what your ex-girlfriend (or boyfriend) thinks, some people can be fixed.  So too, we have found with our Dynabar Sliding Spreader Bar owners.  Sometimes we just need a good fix and Jaystore has come to the rescue with this artfully built fixed hook.  Convert your sliding spreader bar from a wave riding wonder tool, to a flat water phenom in minutes.

What They Say:
Stainless steel fixed hook, ideal for free style riders who like a very reliable hook: it is designed to support very hard stresses, 8mm rods are threaded through the frame using 2 nuts. This solution won't compromise the hook as it happens spreader bar hooks that are welded to the main frame and it is much stronger. It can be also mounted on DYNABAR V7 frame.

321 Go:
Absolutely beautiful forged "no weld" design.  easy to attach with a 13mm socket.  Turns your Dynabar equipped harness into a freestyle harness in no time.
321 No Go:
After riding the Dynabar and seeing what a sliding spreader bar can do, you may never want to go back to a fixed hook.
Also, its included in the Dynabar V8 XT model.