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F-One Papenoo - Compact Surf Series


Most people and companies in life play to formulaic approaches, for they see the risks of failure as being too steep and unacceptable. However, it is the daring few, those who are willing to risk it that help us push the boundaries of what’s possible. And here is exactly where the F-One Papenoo has gone. It uses some of the cutting-edge concepts of shortboard design, applies it to sup surfing, and adds some colorful twists to give it an even more distinct personality. And, boy, oh boy!, does it perform. The F-One Papenoo, as Poeniki Raioha has wonderfully shown us in his surf sessions, looks apart and performs apart. This board inspires us and it shows us what’s possible. And for that, the F-One Papenoo is the winner Surf Supconnect Gear of the Year Award 2017.

The PAPENOO models can be classified as “short SUP” with a focus on speed, acceleration and maneuverability to rip off smaller waves like never before! The initial target was to design a board as short as possible to gain in maneuverability and agility. A rectangular outline proved the right solution to keep enough hull area and volume for stability. We have also worked with a lot of attention on the glide of these boards. The shape of PAPENOO features a genuine planning hull which is both efficient and enjoyable to ride.


With its rectangular outline, we have been able to keep enough volume while maintaining a reasonable width. It’s uselessto make very wide boards which wouldn’t have the ability to take on speed.

For a given width the PAPENOO are slightly longer than most of the similar type boards and this was made to ensure a good paddling speed and a super easy take off. The rocker line is tailored for this short shape which resulted in straighter lines to get the speed while maneuverability is provided by the reduced length. 

Board thickness remains quite standard to keep some good control. The specificity of this shape comes from its hull which features a deep single concave running from the front third of the board all the way to the tail, with a flat on each side. These lateral flats are tilted into a V shape at the front of the board to soften the entry into the curves. The wide tail has pushed for a Quattro fin setup to keep the fins on each side of the single concave and close to the rails. 

Thanks to this new, short outline, you can select a board which is ½ foot shorter than your usual length and still have a board which is impressively stable. You can even drop the width by 1 inch from your usual standard to get a more lively board. At the take off, you’ll be surprised by its ability to catch very small waves. The PAPENOO is made for waves between 0.40 and 1.50 m.
This original shape then needs to be driven correctly: the board quickly takes on speed providing a distinctive feeling of gliding over the water. Once at speed, the board can be surfed softly, as if it was sitting on an air cushion, and will perform any maneuvers without requiring brutal inputs from the rider. Supple steering is more appropriate than forcing the rails into the water. 

Very surprising by its maneuverability and its planning sensations, this board is a real booster for your surf.
The testimonials are clear: anyone who has tried it has improved his surfing level.


The BAMBOO DECK construction has been proven for many years of production and offer a weight to resistance ratio with great reliability. The deck features a layer of bamboo to provide a tough impact and crushing resistance while the many layers of reinforcement on the bottom ensures solid strength.