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F-One V2 Pocket Foil Board


If you're looking to take your foil game to the next level, the F-One V2 Pocket Foil Board is what you need. The performance you can get out of a small board like this is INSANE! The Pocket Series allows you to carve your face off and maximize fun, strapped or strapless. The compact shape of the board reduces the momentum and drag of the board bringing your maneuvers and carving to optimum performance. You really feel like you are one with the foil with these shorter shaped boards. 

- Ideal for freestyle and carving

- Equipped with track system for

- Unrivalled Bamboo construction

Included equipment

  • Full Pads
  • Inserts for 3x foot straps (straps do not come with board) Set of three F-One straps run $79 + tax and shipping