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Flysurfer Flysplit 2



Freeride, Travel, Touring

The FLYSPLIT2 is based on our original crossover board – the Radical5, but split in two for your travel missions. No concessions on convenience nor riding pleasure need to be made. The FLYSPLIT2 is the lightest, most easy to carry and assemble board in our line up, allowing you to take it anywhere and it even fits in a normal suitcase.

SKILLS Intermediate +
SIZES 134x41 / 139x43


FLYSPLIT2 … for travel addicts!

Innovation has always been one of FLYSURFER Kiteboarding’s highest aspirations when it comes to product development. The FLYSPLIT2 combines the opportunity to dissemble the board in the middle and still retain the performance of a normal kiteboard. This is the crucial feature that wins you extra space when traveling. Thanks to our precise kiteboard manufacturing in Europe we can guarantee that the FLYSPLIT2’s are produced with only the finest resources and quality. By using only the best materials, we achieve riding characteristics which combine both comfort and high performance. The split-construction is impressively simple. The zigzag connection joins easily and only needs to be fixed with a metal splint on each side. The Click’n’Ride System ensures quick disassembly of your fins. In the boards heel-side centre and edges we use a full-wood-core to ensure great durability and dynamic performance. For the less stressed areas like the toe-side a light-foam-construction is used to save unnecessary weight. Due to this construction and its special rocker line the FLYSPLIT2 offers great performance but also a great deal of comfort in choppy and gusty conditions.

The FLYSPLIT2 is made for those riders who love speed and performance along with saving money on their journeys. With the FLYSPLIT2 you do not have to miss out on neither an extreme pop for hooked or unhooked jumps nor fantastic up-wind performance. The FLYSPLIT2 is available in sizes 139cm x 43cm and 134cm x 41cm.