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Flysurfer Soul 2


Flysurfer kites have always stirred something inside us whenever we put them up in the air.  The Speed series made light wind riding in 7 knots a reality, and now the Soul reaches deep to give you a performance edge in light wind and general hydrofoil use.  This is the most popular kite of the season for jumping and foil riding.  Grab yours today, free yourself from your kite pump and get ready to search your soul.

Flysurfer Soul 2

The SOUL², the perfect all-rounder pleases the eye with the noble TX-Light look and combines sportiness with versatile character. The newly designed internals simplify launching, save weight, and distribute forces perfectly to the profile. Sticking with longer product cycles, the new TX-Light cloth with Triple-Ripstop thread and increased tear resistance ensures durability and value retention, all important for the SOUL² !

Total package consists of:

1x SOUL Kite only

1x SOUL Light Bag

1x Kite Safety Guide

1x Sandbag

1x Repair Kit

  • The technical highlight of the SOUL is its lightweight construction, which is beautifully staged by the transparent bottom sail.
  • This unique material mix uses our competition-tested X-Light fabric for the first time in a kite designed for everyday use, while the leading edge is protected with durable DLX+ fabric against dirt and abrasion.
  • The proven Rigid Foil technology produces a beautifully smooth nose for high aerodynamic efficiency, which gives the SOUL its outstanding upwind performance.
  • The ultralight wing offers tremendous stability through weight reduction. Its swept outline, in combination with the ingenious internal balance system, allows relaunching via one back line and ensures precise steering, as well as excellent feedback from the SOUL. FLYSURFER has been relying on longevity for years, with the new Mixer Check we underline this philosophy and offer another option for effective maintenance.
  • The improved drainage system offers optimized and fast discharge of water and dirt. This complete package meets all the criteria from training use, to strong wind Big Air kite, it will especially make the transition from L.E.I kite to Foilkite easy. Safety. Versatility. Longevity.Components
Shell Hood Lagoon

SOUL vs. speed 5

The FLYSURFER SOUL is a brand new product line, which targets a wide variety of customers, who like to travel and use a safe product with high comfort on any terrain.

The SOUL gives a new riding experience. The higher bar forces and superb relaunch will convince kiters who are used to LEI-kites and like to transition over to foil kites.

We focused also on the freestyle capabilities of the SOUL, to give a unique "Do what you want, wherever and whenever!".

It will be an eyeopener for kite schools, who are focusing on light wind lessons.  SOUL’s unique outline and clean graphic design put the kite in a new spotlight.

The SPEED5 will remain in the FlySurfer line up for people who love hangtime combined with user-friendliness and light bar pressure.

SOUL + relaunch + stability + backstall resistancy + simple launching + unhooked performance + hydrofoiling

SPEED5 + hangtime + effortless riding + bright graphic design + price

TECHNOLOGY Closed-Cell Foil Kite
SKILLS Beginner - Advanced
SIZES 6 / 8 / 10 / 12 / 15 / 18 / 21
TERRAIN All-Terrain