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Flysurfer Viron 3



This is the easiest, safest most fun training kite that is also a fantastic traction kite for water, snow, or land. Learning to kite with this unique depower foil kite will allow you to quickly build your kitesurfing skills in any environment.  This kite is a must-have for safety-conscious teachers and ambitious students.



The thick profile and lower aspect ratio of the Viron mean reduced acceleration within the power zone and therefore moderate power development and better control. The rounded shape of the VIRON3 is perfect for relaunching, preventing the kite from drifting downwind into the power zone. The integrated B-Safe system depowers the kite in an emergency situation. Beginners benefit from these design features by avoiding common situations when learning, which can be very stressful.

Total “Ready to Fly” package consists of:

1x VIRON3 Kite only
1x CONNECT Control Bar

1x Universal Kite Bag

1x Kite Safety Guide

1x Bar Safety Guide




  • B-SAFE SYSTEM - This removes the pressure in the kite and allows it to come down powerless through the wind window.
  • SIMPLE BRIDLE CONCEPT (A+Z) - This combination of features never lets the VIRON3 accelerate abruptly, which increases control in stronger winds and makes the kite more predictable.
  • IMPACT ABSORBING TECHNOLOGY - The VIRON has a special material mix that features double stitched seams, reinforced ribs, and straps at load points
  • AUTO-RELAUNCH - The VIRON3 is the only closed-cell foil kite to have such an effective auto-relaunch, ideal for children.
  • SELF INFLATABLE - AUTOMATIC DRAINAGE SYSTEM The drainage system is integrated into the whole trailing edge of the kite