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FYF Barefoot Lowcut


Dyneema Enables the FYF to have an abrasion resistance and tear resistant material. It is made of a micro fibre technology that allows it to be soft, comfortable, and light weight to wear. The Dyneema material is hydrophobic so it dries fast and repels water from the surface.  It is also chemically inert. Which makes cleaning them easy, you can use most cleaning detergents and methods. The Dyneema is also uv resistant so you can wear and dry your FYFS in direct sunlight without worrying about damage! 

XS    US 5-7       EU 36-39

S      US 7-8       EU 40-41

M    US 8-10      EU 42-43

L     US 10-11    EU 44-46

XL   US 11-14    EU 46-49