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ION C-Bar Kitehook/Rope Slider 2.0

The best of both worlds. The ION C-Bar Kitehook/Rope Slider is the most versatile spreader bar on the market. With both a hook and rope, kiteboarding fanatics can maximize their riding in either wave or flat water conditions.

Product Description:

With the C-bar, ION introduces a new technology for spreader bars. Two features mark the difference: the new tension lever system tightens the harness without having to change the buckle settings, therefore guaranteeing a perfect fit. This new system provides a symmetric force spread while riding and is therefore very comfortable. The C-Bar is made out of fiber reinforced injection material instead of metal, which makes it ultra lightweight.

ion c bar spreader 2.0 hook sliderThe hook can be exchanged optionally at any time – there are 4 options available:
  • kite hook
  • windsurf hook
  • metal slider
  • rope slider.
SYMMETRIC FORCE SPREAD The forces that act on the body while kiting or windsurfing are absorbed and spread symmetrically – the bar has the same stability at both ends – therefore providing a very comfortable riding experience where pressure points are spread evenly around the waist.

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