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2014 ION Madtrixx


Freestyle harness with a slim outline. Thanks to the flex cut construction the backpart of the harness provides a maximum of flexibility. Inside protection with full neopren cushion lets the harness twist easily around the body when needed. The neoprene surface includes now Downforce, which prevents the harness from slipping up. With the new Contour shape 2.0 the harness creates an even better support than before. The pre bent wrap tec  guarantees a perfect overall fit.

  • Foam padding to protect especially the pelvis bones if the body bends sideways.
  • Cross-over webbing lining which spreads the load over the complete backpart. 
  • Neoprene cushion inside for a soft and comfortable support of the riders back.
  • Soft neoprene edge around the harness body.
  • Neoprene inside construction to let the harness twist arround the body especially when worn without neoprene.
  • Preshaped harness construction which lets the harness wrap around the body automatically.
  • New shape technique which provides a perfect fit to the upper and lower part of the back with the help of different segmented shaped areas in the harness body.
  • Flexible soft waist belt.
  • Slim slidingtube to connect with the handle pass leash. New end-stopper fittings.
  • Save and easy release system for the spreader bar.
  • Neoprene pockets over the buckles to store away the webbing endings.
  • Protection plate with soft neoprene edges to protect the body against the spreader bar when moving. 
  • Flexible cutouts in waist harnesses to provide a maximum on flexibility to the backpart of the harness.
  • New belt-construction conects the lower part of the spreader bar to the lower part of the harness body. This waist harness Bar keeper belt helps that the spreader bar stays in the low position.
  • Safety knife to cut the kitelines in dangerous situations.