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Kiteboarding 101 "Ground+"

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  • This course will take you through all of the basics in kiteboarding. You will learn some of the most important things like proper safety and wind window. During the course you will have the opportunity to practice extensively by flying kites in addition to your classroom time. You will you master positioning the kite in the wind window at key positions and keeping the kite in a same neutral position. 

    We will get your energy flowing by going the extra mile with the simulated water start exercise. Practice the motions of a downwind body drag and upwind body drag so that you are ready to hit the water with Kiteboarding 201.

    Even though this is not a required course, by taking it and gaining practice with the trainer kite most people progress through the water portion of their lessons much faster.

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Frequently Asked Questions:
  • Q- What is the difference between the Ground Course and 101 Ground +  

    A- The 101 Ground + is a private lesson with just you and the instructor. There is of course always room for your +1, so bring friend, it's free!


    • You will learn kite safety.
    • Determine the wind direction and learn about the wind window
    • You will fly a trainer kite!
    • Learn how to control the trainer kite through the wind window. Maintain the kites position in the neutral zone and on the edge of the wind window as well as other key positions. 
    • You will do simulated water starts with the trainer kite
    • Perform the motions of a downwind and upwind body drag 
    • Learn how to hook into a four-line kite
    • Learn how to perform a self rescue. 
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**Discounts/coupons can not be applied to lessons.**