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Kiteboarding Lesson 3 Day Camp

"Lessons starting at $100 an hour"
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3-Day Clinic Kiteboarding Lessons-


We provide a comprehensive kiteboarding lesson that includes direct-to-water kiteboarding time.

These will be Private lessons (or if you wish to bring a friend we can accommodate that as well) with the goal of getting you acclimated with the basics of safety, setup, and kite handling.

This is part of our “Move at Your Pace” lesson plans. There is no set limit to what you will learn in the 3-day clinic, we will move at your speed and focus on safety and familiarity with the equipment and kite control. We aim for approximately 2-2.5 hours of instruction each day for a total of 7.5 hrs Our teaching methods will have you up and riding before you know it

Where? Banana River Lagoon.
This shallow, waist-high body of water is perfect for learning. It takes all of the pressure off. You don’t need to worry about deep water, obstacles, or even boat traffic. This is Nature's perfect classroom.

What is included?
Everything! You bring a bathing suit and a smile and we will take care of the rest!
(Of course, we have student discounts if you are ready for your own set of basic gear; Harness, water shoes, etc)
We use Yamaha watercraft for safety and support along with two-way helmet communication. This allows us to be by your side and in your ear at all times.

Coaching Day 1
3-Day Clinic Includes:

  • 30-45min Wind awareness and safety training
  • 30-45min Hands-on setup, launching, and landing of kites
  • 2 hrs water time with kite handling, body drags (propelling yourself with the kite), and all the way up to water starts depending on how quickly your progress.
  • includes equipment, private instructor, watercraft (PWC) safety support, and state of the art 2 way communication.

Coaching Day 2

  • Refresher and “up to speed” kite warm up (set up, launch, bodydrags)
  • Fine-tuning of kite handling, safety release, and rescue techniques
  • Shallow water and deep water relaunch practice
  • Board riding clinic using Personal watercraft
  • Intro to water starting with a kiteboard
  • Video Review and lesson breakdown

Coaching Day 3

  • Final review of safety, setup and relaunch basics
  • Continuation of waterstart practice
  • Board riding basics (Start, controlled riding, slowing down and stopping)
  • Practice riding the kiteboard in both directions (left and right)

Remember, because we move at your pace, there is no throttling of your learning experience. Many people achieve these steps in above-average time and can practice more, or work on more advanced aspects of kiteboarding: Kiteboard Transitions, heelside/toeside
 riding, and riding upwind basics.

We look forward to joining you on your journey!

-Team 321

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