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Kiteboarding Tricktionary


What They Say:

Professional kiteboarders from different countries, disciplines, supported by various brands, perform precise movements with best possible style, in order to make it possible to analyze, visualize and describe the movement in detail. 

The Kiteboarding Tricktionary contains kiteboarding technique for EVERY level. The 424 pages of this kiteboarding bible are split in three main categories: Superbasics, Airstyle, and Newschool.

What We Think:
We pride ourselves on being know-it-alls. So when we first saw this we thought can't we find it online already? When we opened the front cover it blew our minds how much we didn't know. This book has it all from the basics of hooking into your harness all the way through tricks we didn't know existed. Reading from cover to cover it instantly makes you want to grab your kite and try it out. In today's digital media age, there is something very refreshing about holding a book like this that has such substance. Not to mention the fact that with its hard cover and full color pages it makes one heck of a coffee table book. 

321  Tricktionary Review

What We Like:

It was one of our top kiteboarding gifts this year. We like that they kept the wind direction reference in all the pictures.  So whether you are a regular or goofy footed rider, you can visualize yourself performing the trick.  It covers everything you want to know and then some.  

What we would Change
If only it were waterproof! We could take it with us everywhere.