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Kiteboarding Tune Up Service

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Top kiteboarding manufacturers spend millions of dollars in research to provide us with  precision built kites and kiteboards.  It doesnt take much to keep a kite in perfect flying condition, but often we forget to do the required maintenance. We are usually in a hurry start our kiteboarding session or in too much of a rush while packing down to notice any knicks, tears or wear in our kites.  Let’s face it, when was the last time you checked your fin screws or footpads to make sure they were tight and in good working order?

This is where our professional team at 321 Kiteboarding & Watersports comes in.  We can inspect, replace and repair any part of a kite or board for you.

GOOD Tune Up


Kite Canopy Inspection

  • Inspect the leading edge for any scratches or pinhole tears
  • Check the wear zones (the spots the kites get the most damage when launching, landing, packing up)
  • Verify stitching.
  • Inspect the canopy for scratches, pin holes, and wear
  • Inspect the trailing edge
  • Inspect the bridle attachment points for wear
  • Measure the bridle lines, make sure lines are still in good condition and equal length
  • Inspect and lubricate the pulleys
  • Inspect the pigtails on bridle lines
  • If repairs are needed on your kite you will receive up to 3 canopy repairs under 1” and ½ hour of labor towards larger repair.

           (excludes repair of Leading Edge)

Great if you are reselling your kite or getting ready for a new season.



Total Kite inspection

This package includes everything from the Good package with these additions:  

  • Leak check the bladders on your kite  
  • Pressure test the leading edge bladder and all strut bladders.
  • We will check valve caps for air worthiness
  • Inspect one way inflate tubing/system.
  • We will Fix up to 3 pinhole leaks and 1 bladder tear/hole not exceeding 1”

Excellent if this is a kite that has not been used in a while or if it’s your everyday kite. You don't want to lose air on the water.

BEST Tune Up
Quiver Check

 Kite+ Bladder+ Bar+ Board package. Includes All other services plus:

  • We will inspect all components of your board.
  • We will inspect and clean your board. Over time sand and dirt and the salt can cause corrosion on your board.
  • Starting with your fins- We will eliminate any performance robbing nicks
  • Clean fin inserts and retighten fins
  • Check pads and straps for wear and reattach with threadlock
  • Clean and verify correct tapping on all inserts in the board- over time the holes in your will fill with (junk) or burrs and need to be cleaned out
  • We will also inspect your boards outer integrity, making sure there is not any damage that could cause the board to become water logged.
  • If repairs are needed 1 hour of board labor is included.

Stand Alone (Extras)


Bar tune up- You can have us check just your bar or combine this inspect with any of the other packages.
  • We will check for proper line length
  • Recoat your flying lines with Prime Lines Wax™
  • Inspect for any wear or damage -
  • Check pigtails on lines
  • Inspect the depower system.
  • Receive 20% discount on any replacement parts.

Helpful to do anytime or if you notice performance defects in your kites flying abilities (backstalling, diving to one side of window, difficulty steering)

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