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North Depower Line 2012


This part is no longer available from DUOTONE/ NORTH KITEBOARDING.

You can, however, use the newer depower line part# 44900-8134 . This part does not come with the new pin to secure the rotor head, but you can reuse the old one.  It also will not supply the removal tool.  These are not necessary, call us for details on how to remove.



Don't get stranded during your next session.  Keep your North Kiteboarding Trust Control Bar in high-performance condition and replace that worn-out depower line.  

You know you have looked at your bar and said, "I need to replace that soon..".  Don't be "that guy" who needs to be rescued because of a fly away kite.

Easy to replace Dyneema line from North Kiteboarding is a vital piece of equipment to check and change if you see too much wear.

This Fits 2012 North Trust Bars from 2012 and earlier.