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2014 North Gambler


The Gambler has been in the line up for a few years now, every year the design team and our riders work together to improve the way the Gambler rides. Demanding riders like Tom Court and Craig Cunningham use the Gambler on rails both with a kite and at the cable. It’s the perfect board for wakestyle riding, smooth, easy to use and the rocker and flex work in harmony with the outline in the tips to offer easy landings no matter how hard you ride. The deep rails combine with the Wake bottom to offer unsurpassed grip, allowing you to ride the Gambler without the 3.5 cm fins provided, if you choose to. We built the Gambler to be tough, so it can handle the abuse demanding wakestyle riders throw at it. Featuring our Slick Base construction, kickers and sliders are what the Gambler lives for. Don’t gamble on performance, ride the Gambler and be the best…