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2015- 2017 North Kiteboarding Adjustable Front Lines 5th Element Bar


These are direct replacement adjustable front line sets for all North Kiteboarding bars from 2015 - 2017. 

Compatible with

  • 5th Element bars (5-line)

Included in this package:

  • Two (2)- 14m Dyneema flying front lines with monofilament for stiffness
  • Two (2) adjustable pigtail line segments (27 cm/ 7.8 in each) 

All flying lines have the ability to shrink over time, influenced by many factors such as temperature, age, UV-light, abrasion, dirt, etc. This shrinking can make the exchange of spare lines difficult. That's why North Kiteboarding has introduced Adjustable Flying Lines. With an additional segment in the upper part of the line, it allows for straightforward adjustment of the line. 

The Adjustable Flying Lines have an exchangeable line segment between the Pigtail and main (adjustment) line of 30cm length. Included in the delivery is a second line segment of 20cm. Additionally the Pigtails of the flying lines are available in different lengths (20/25/30/35cm). By combining the different line segments with pigtails of different lengths respectively with the Integrated Frontline Adjuster, the flying lines can be lengthened by 10cm and shortened by up to 35cm. Hence it is possible to adjust new flying lines to the remaining, already used, flying lines. 

2015 Year: 44500-8071 5th (19m/22m/24m/27m) 
2016 Year: 44500-8071 5th (19m/22m/24m/27m)
2017 Year: 44700-81325th (19m/22m/24m/27m)