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North LTD 2 Race Board

The Race Ltd is a high performance course racing competition board, developed in cooperation with the Race World Champion Charles Deleau that indeed smokes upwind and leaves the competition behind! With its CNC-cut G10 quad-fn setup, the Race Ltd is finely tuned for precision performance in the lightest possible breeze and has, without a doubt, the absolute best upwind performance that has ever been seen in a production kite board. The added length, width and volume offer earlier light wind planing while the added area in the nose also offers more control at high speeds. A three-footstrap configuration makes jibing and tacking easy and is comfortable on those long reaches. Whether used as a light-wind weapon or a course racing board, the Race Ltd will open your mind to new realms of kiteboard performance.

New carbon fiber technology noticeable improves your board.
• 20% lighter than conventional carbon reinforcements.
• Unprecedented mechanical performance.
• Superior surface finish.

- Incredible upwind abilities
- Early planning
- High performance racing materials
- Light weight construction
- 4 x Massive G10 fins
  • Great in light wind conditions
  • Made from lightweight, high performance materials
  • Outstanding upwind ability
  • Early planning
  • 4 G10 fins (very large ones)

What you need to know is that the Race LTD board has been specifically designed to shine during races; this is a top performance course racing board meant to be used at a competition level. Consequently the board has incredible upwind abilities, can get up and go in even the lightest winds, and weighs next to nothing. This board will smoke the competition while going upwind and will maneuver beautifully in very light wind conditions. The Race LTD board has the best upwind performance in a production board.

The bottom line is that the Race LTD board is a properly good board that you can use in course racing or as a light wind weapon in your arsenal.