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NSI Foot Hooks


Can't decide between being strapped or riding strapless? Need some help with your water starts? Want to reduce the chance of injury when it all goes wrong?

These foot hooks are perfect for foilboards because you get the benefits of straps for waterstarts or jumping, but have the freedom to move your feet around the deck of the board for perfect balance.


Designed in collaboration with seasoned foilers John Doyle and Jim Stringfellow, the NSI Foot Hookers are the next evolution in kiting straps. Made to offer the control of riding with straps while offing the freedom of riding strapless while reducing the chance of lower leg injury. Great for newbies to this style of riding who might need that little extra control when water starting. 

Constructed of 1/4" ABS plastic, 1/4" 4lb EVA foam, and a neoprene cover.

Made in the USA