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NSI Surf Lite Kiteboard Foot Strap (each)


These straps are streamlined and effortless to get your foot in and out of. Utilizing the same lightweight components and design as the Adam, Proton and Litespeed, 100% non-absorbent foam, fabric and a soft foam under layer to create an extremely comfortable and very lightweight footstrap.

Designed to offer a lightweight strap that is strong and has performance to handle those big days or just cruising in the waves.


  • Wingfoil boards
  • Kite surf boards
  • Tow-in Surf and Surf Foil boards
  • Any Crazy project that needs footstraps!

Also available, the Adjustable Surf Lite Strap, utilizing NSI’s unique cam buckle adjustment system. This design offers an easy "on the fly" adjustment with a snug feel. Allows riders to wear booties one session and then go barefooted the next, no tools required. 
Sold Individually