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NSI Surf N' Skim Padz

Surf N Skim

Kiteboarding, Surfing, Tow in Surfing or Wake Surfing ..... Easily Convert any Board ..Straps On or Straps Off

The Surf 'n Skim Padz are the perfect interface to convert any existing surfboard into the kitesurfing tool you've always wanted. They can convert any surfboard into a board with or without foot straps. The Surf 'n Skim Padz offer simple plug-and-play installation, with NSI's premium Padz comfort, traction and board protection. Superior quality, strength and design.

Sold as a set of front and rear pads with stainless screws and washers. Footstraps sold separately.

  • 3M Peel and Stick Adhesive makes installation quick and easy
  • 3M VHB adhesive reinforces the kicktail and footstep insert plates making this pad bomb proof
  • 1" high kicktail
  • Choice of Waffle or Short Diamond Traction
  • Two piece pad allows custom foot spacing