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One Pump Hose (by the foot)


Replace your worn-out and deteriorating kiteboarding kite's rubber tubing hose with our UV-resistant Santoprene "rubber" hose. This upgrade is designed to breathe new life into your kite's functionality and ensure your safety out on the water.

Available Sizes:

  • 5/16 inch Inner Diameter (7/16 inch Outer Diameter): This size is a versatile choice suitable for most kites. It's easy to use and fits seamlessly, just like the original factory hose.

  • 1/4 inch Inner Diameter (3/8 inch Outer Diameter): If you have specific kites that require a slightly smaller diameter hose, our 1/4 inch option (6.35mm) is ideal. It provides a snug fit and reliable performance.

  • 3/8 inch Inner Diameter (9.5mm Outer Diameter): For kites with Airush SPS valves (2008 and newer) and Gaastra valves, our 3/8 inch hose is the perfect solution. It ensures compatibility and durability.


Our Santoprene hoses are compatible with a wide range of kite brands. However, please note that they may not fit Duotone, Airush, Blade, Epic, or Gaastra kites that require a larger diameter hose.

Easy Installation:

Upgrading your kite's hose is a breeze. These Santoprene hoses are designed for easy installation, so you can get back to enjoying your kiteboarding adventures with confidence.

Ensure your kite is in top shape and ready to perform at its best by replacing the old, deteriorating hose with our UV-resistant Santoprene tubing. Don't let worn-out components hold you back – invest in safety, performance, and durability for your kiteboarding experiences. Please check your kite's specific requirements and select the appropriate hose size to enjoy worry-free rides on the water.

**NOTE: Blade and Epic use a smaller diameter hose than our standard 1/4". We do not currently carry this size hose.